Outdoor Shower Ideas

Get back to nature by showering under the stars! Outdoor showers remind me of being at the beach or on holiday. But why not bring the relaxation of the beach or holiday to your own backyard? You could use your outdoor shower to wash off after the pool, a long day at the beach or even a cheeky shower in the great outdoors underneath the stars. And the beauty of outdoor showers is that they’re super easy to DIY and a very functional backyard addition. From rustic to luxurious and extravagant to simple, there are so many different options when it comes to outdoor showers. Check out these 40 breathtaking outdoor shower ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Outdoor Shower Ideas #1. Climbing plants

source: pinterest

This outdoor shower is conveniently tucked by the exterior of the house and nestled next to a very private high fence. The hanging plants and greenery add to the outdoor feel as well as providing more privacy. I’m loving the style of the brickwork on the ground and on the wall as it gives a basket weave look. And the showerhead and tap are simple whilst the matching shower products look neat and classy.

2. Shower or bath?

source: houzz

I’m loving that this outdoor bathroom is virtually a room without a roof. All surfaces are weather-proof so it wouldn’t matter if the heavens opened as it would all dry on its own, anyway. Plus, it would be so easy to keep clean with a quick wipe of the bathtub and mop of the tiled floor. The showerhead next to green palm brings a resort feel to this beautiful outdoor room.

3. Framed with frangipanis

source: homes to love

Fancy a shower after a dip in the pool without walking wet footprints through the house? This outdoor shower feature looks classy and almost looks like a doorway into another area of the garden. The dark brown wood is a beautiful contrast against the white walls whilst the boxed frangipani gardens give the shower area privacy and framing. Plus, the black shower with silver fittings looks sleek and classy.

4. Privacy screen

source: pinterest

I’m getting a beach shack vibe from this cool outdoor shower. From the rain shower head to wash off the salt and sand to the slatted wooden privacy screen, this outdoor shower is the perfect add on to this beachside holiday home. The potted plants are a fabulous touch as they give more privacy and interest to this cute outdoor shower area.

Outdoor Shower Ideas #5. Vine backdrop

source: pinterest

This shower attached to the outside fence blends so well with the surroundings, so much so that you have to look twice to see the shower hose! With it being a copper colour, it is almost camouflaged by the trunk and branches of the avocado tree. I love the creeping vine on the fence which provides a pretty backdrop for this shower area!

6. Homely touches

source: pinterest

The outdoor shower is surrounded by homely, old-fashioned touches like the jug, the flower box and the white sewing table serving as a vanity. The rain shower head itself looks great attached to the wooden posts and the cute coloured tiled base is the perfect spot to stand while showering in this European-styled shower. Get in contact with a bathroom tiler to see how they can create something like this for you!

7. Watch your step

source: pinterest

This formal outdoor shower area reminds me of a floating raft in the middle of a moat-like barrier between the castle garden and the castle wall. Whilst standing on the floating raft under the panel shower head, one would need to be alert to avoid falling into the moat! What a very classy and unobtrusive outdoor shower.

8. Modern Mediterranean

source: Fontealta

How luxurious and inviting is this modern Mediterranean space? It would be so amazing to swim a few laps in this stunning pool and then shower under the ultra-modern shower head before stretching out leisurely on one of those inviting lounges. The white and blue theme gives a Greek island feel whilst the wood of the shower floor blends in well with the legs of the lounges.

9. Shower trunk

source: AD

I can easily picture myself hopping up onto this little shower stage showering against this amazing tree trunk. I can just imagine the shower raining down over me and trickling over the edge of the slated foot tiles and shower stage – how relaxing!

Outdoor Shower Ideas #10. Straight from the pool

source: Zaher Architects

I love how this shower is separate and private from the pool area. Most people prefer to shower in private (even if still wearing their bathers). So to be able to hide behind this private slatted wooden screen is perfect for those who are a little shower shy. The run-off from the shower would flow straight onto the pebbles and the ground which would water the soil underneath.

11. Boho outdoor shower

source: living4media

Simple, classy and oh so on-trend. This shower beside the pool is a fabulous addition to the pool area. After a dip in this inviting pool, a quick rinse off under this rain shower head would be cleansing and refreshing. The cute little wooden stool with the white towel matches perfectly with the white vase, tan dried leaves and straw hat as well as the tan and white cushions.

12. Outdoor/indoor with a view

source: pinterest

This enormous shower head streaming down like a fabulous rain shower over this magnificent bathtub is my idea of bathroom perfection. Mix that with a stunning ocean view and I could quite happily lull in this little piece of heaven all day. The wooden walls and floor give this scene a gorgeous and luxurious indoor/outdoor feel.

13. Open roof courtyard

source: Breathe Architecture

This modern open courtyard shower room is fresh and airy with lots of clean lines. The shower pipe angles are industrial and interesting. See how a plumber could help you create a look like this! The walls are high which gives this space a feeling of reaching to the open sky above. And the wood and the greenery give this outdoor shower room a garden vibe. Plus, I’m loving the trough-style vanity which is in keeping with the modern look.

14. Privacy door

source: pinterest

This truly is a shower in a garden! The feature rock and stepping stones amongst the green foliage give this outdoor shower a rainforest feel. And showering under a waterfall is as close to showering in nature as you can get. This clever privacy door can be closed when not in use to make this area neat and unobtrusive.

Outdoor Shower Ideas #15. By the ocean

source: pinterest

This stunning outdoor shower with an ocean view is simple yet stunning. A rain shower head is the most popular choice for an outdoor shower as it gives the illusion of showering in the rain and being outdoors. The wood floor and stool blend perfectly with the shabby chic pot. And the Turkish towel draped over the showerhead adds a homely touch.

16. Foraged beachy vibes

source: pinterest

The use of raw untreated timber in this outdoor shower area gives off a rustic and very outdoor vibe. Adding decorative shells creates a beachside feel. Wandering off a sandy beach and rinsing off in this extension of nature would make you feel alive and refreshed.

17. Feminine touches

source: pinterest

What a pretty area to have an outdoor shower in. The rose gold of the showerhead and pipe lends itself to adding hues of blush pink in the Turkish towels. The curtained off area is a brilliant idea as a changing room so you don’t have to go inside to get dressed. A white ladder is so practical and on-trend for use as a towel rail. And I just love the green jug which blends beautifully with the green leaves of the tree.

18. Surfboard shower

source: pinterest

This is the coolest and most inventive use of a surfboard ever! The board is the perfect height for an outdoor shower and how clever to use it as an outdoor shower. If this shower was attached to your back fence and you were lucky enough to live on an absolute beachfront, then I would think every man and his dog would be enjoying your outdoor surfboard shower for themselves. You may get a rude shock with your next water bill!

19. Copper pipes

source: iPlumb Solutions

Showering under this cool square of showering pipes would certainly give you the illusion of standing under a square cloud of rain. The bamboo plant provides a pretty green covering whilst the ornate textured black also wall gives this outdoor shower plenty of privacy. The area has a Japanese influence and would add a lovely zen feng shui feel to any garden.

Outdoor Shower Ideas #20. Bali villa vibes

source: Three Birds Renovations

This Bali inspired outdoor shower is giving me all the villa vibes. If you are creating a shower this close to your house and outdoor furniture, ensure that all surfaces are waterproof and there is plenty of drainage. The recessed shelf in the wall next to the shower is ideal to house shower gel and shampoo, so once out of the pool you can be showered and ready for the rest of your day!

21. One with the trees

source: Serendipity Sete

The beauty of this outdoor shower is that it has been built around a beautiful old tree in the corner of the garden. It is a clever use of space and would add a unique decorating statement to any backyard whilst also cleverly adding an extra bathroom to any home.
Plus, the brick style tiles behind this shower give an earthy feature next to the high private wooden fence. And the little shelf keeps products off the ground and within easy reach.

22. Openair shower

source: pinterest

This outdoor shower flows through from an indoor bathroom and is a great idea for busy people who just need a quick shower whilst others may be using the main bathroom. This shower has the luxury of hot and cold water so you don’t have to brace yourself for a cold shower. The shelf is a good height and position for the bathroom products whilst the towel hooks are both convenient for grabbing, drying yourself and for leaving the towel to dry in the fresh air. Oh so practical and user friendly!

You can see that this is an offshoot from the bathroom on the right and there are so many different ways for an outdoor bathroom to work with the design of your home.

23. Curtain cover

source: No. 39 Woodlane

The beauty of this romantic outdoor shower is that it has turned an unused space into a secluded outdoor bathroom in the privacy of the garden. I also love that this bathroom has all the essentials including toothbrushes, and the addition of a full flowy white romantic shower curtain. This outdoor shower would be perfect for a country cottage.

24. Among the greenery

source: Jae Rae

I would feel almost like I was showering in a cave in this gorgeous outdoor indoor shower room. The rock makes it cave-like, whilst the plants give a rainforest feel. The rain shower adds to the rainforest theme and the semi-opaque weatherproof roofing keeps the weather out but still lets the sunlight in. You would have complete privacy in this gorgeous showering nook.

Outdoor Shower Ideas #25. Caribbean shower

source: Nordic Seashell

This clever wood side panelling on a Caribbean holiday residence gives excellent privacy to this little hideaway and space-saving shower recess. The downlight means this could be utilised at night and add extra showering space for holiday guests after a day out sailing or snorkelling in the crystal blue waters of this idyllic holiday destination.

26. Open to the outdoors

source: Interior World

Dual bathtubs give the perfect framing to this suspended outdoor shower which has a breathtaking view to a stunning garden and field beyond. The open roof and the large open glass doors give this room a feeling of exposure and enough privacy. The industrial concrete flooring and the clever drainage would ensure this space would not get slippery when wet.

27. Brass details

source: pinterest

This brass shower fitting and tap are perfectly paired with the handheld shower. I also love the rain shower head that allows water to fall over you and you also have the option of using the handheld shower hose for showering small children or dogs. The brass fitting is consistent with the natural colours such as the trunk on the gorgeous potted plant and the rustic shower floor. Plus, white block walls always look neat and clean and give perfect privacy.

28. Shower safari

source: pinterest

This cheeky giraffe likes to take a quick break from munching on those delicious leaves to check out whoever may be enjoying an outdoor shower after a magnificent day spotting the African animals at their best. Just a simple addition of a showerhead and tapware to this wall with the necessary plumbing work has added a handy outdoor shower to this space. The water overflow can trickle over the rocks into the garden below and a clever wooden towel rail to dry off used towels, ready for the next use.

29. Rocky wall

source: Barr Baleares

What a fabulous spot for an outdoor shower on the side of this stone country cottage and dry stone wall which makes it look like an escape to the English countryside. A freestanding shower is all that is needed to create this shower space. And a clever stone shelf from the wall of the house blends so well, you hardly even see it.

Outdoor Shower Ideas #30. Timber courtyard

source: pinterest

This neat lined and organised outdoor shower room reminds me of a Japanese onsen with its handheld shower option and stool to sit on whilst showering. The bushy view creates a feeling of peace and calm so this would be a perfect place to meditate, bathe and let go of all the stresses of a busy life on the outside world. Plus, the open roof and large open window space let in lots of light and allows fresh air to enter.

31. Gazing over the mountains

source: pinterest

This country retreat cleverly incorporates an outdoor shower with plenty of privacy although not too much that it spoils the view across the mountains. The grey tone in the wood of the house and the wall reminds me of a tin colour, so the sound of rain on a tin roof would be going through my mind as I was enjoying a shower here. The gaps in the weather treated wooden floor would allow water to drain through and soak into the ground below.

32. Minimalism in the tropics

source: Architectural Digest

This feature shower with the spectacular backdrop view is so simple yet so effectively stunning. The black shower frame almost looks like it’s framing a beautiful photograph of the breathtaking view. And the simple shower head with the shower streams catches the sunlight which creates the feeling of being one with nature and a place to cleanse all your cares away.

33. Palm perfection

source: pinterest

Nothing screams tropical-like perfectly placed palms. Whether this is a beach house or a family home with a pool, this outdoor shower is a must-have to include in your alfresco space. The white standalone wall with the bronze shower head, pipe attachment and beautiful slate area to stand on whilst showering has certainly added a very classy feature to this modern backyard.

34. Sculptural wall

source: House Beautiful

The sculptured wall and seating in this outdoor shower gives a roman bathhouse feel while the thatched roofing could be Bali Hut inspired. This space really gives off feelings of relaxation and reflection which would make bathing an experience and not just a necessity.

Outdoor Shower Ideas #35. Greenery wall outdoor shower

source: Mon Palmer

Why not nourish your climbing ivy vine with lots of water from your outdoor shower? This gorgeous vine has completely taken over this space, giving the shower area complete privacy with a green living wall. The hedged fence of the garden continues and flows through from the shower area whilst the tiled floor under the shower provides a clean area to stand on when showering.

36. Industrial navy

source: Aspire Metro

Just along the boardwalk between the wild lavender, take a leisurely shower against this gorgeous dark navy wall. I love that the industrial shower head and tap are also painted in the dark navy colour whilst the cute table is handy for holding towel and bathroom products.

37. Magnificent mosaics

source: digsdigs

This cute outdoor shower recess on the outside wooden deck is cleverly open but still private for showering off after being in the pool or at the beach. Plus, the black and white mosaic tiled feature wall adds an interesting and artistic look to this earthy outdoor area.

38. Poolside wash off

source: Simon Taylor Landscape

I love that this pool-side shower has been designed to look like a rock garden with one huge slated rock for standing on. I also love that the showerhead almost looks like a lamp post which is functional whilst creating a beautiful feature garden around this sparkling inviting pool.

39. Blue and white tiling

source: Inner City Skyline

Say “aloha” to this tropical holiday outdoor shower with its dual hot and cold taps and its large rain shower head. The plant looks happy in its environment and I would certainly be happy as well whilst washing off the sand after a day of fun in the sun on an island beach.

Outdoor Shower Ideas #40. Monochromatic luxe

source: Noosa Luxury Holidays

What a clever use of a compact space for this functional outdoor shower with the perfect spot to place your board after a day of catching some perfect waves. The classy screen of dark panelling behind the shower works well against the white walls whilst the wooden slatted floor makes water drain easily into the garden. And I’m just loving the stool that really completes the look.

There you have it, 40 outdoor shower ideas for your next weekend DIY project! I’m especially loving the showers that incorporate the surfboards and the outdoor spaces that are covered in greenery. What were your favorites? What elements will you be adding to your outdoor shower space? Let me know below!

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