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The new year has come, and with your new year’s resolutions, it might be time to plan something else! Something like… your kitchen! The design world won’t stop and here I am, bringing you new amazing trends for what I am sure will be a wonderful year! Let’s welcome 2022 with a lot of style and new ideas for creating your dream kitchen with trendy kitchen cabinets.

Vintage Accessories:

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As you might have noticed basically everywhere, vintage is back, and so are vintage decorative items: this is the first must-have of the year in terms of decoration. From pendant lights to vintage furniture, there are so many beautiful items you can find online! And if, like me, you enjoy having eye-catching yet unique new items that you can rescue from a pile of old and fascinating items definitely resort to a second-hand shop, where you will find a variety of fixtures for your space. It is cheap, but don’t let that misguide you: some of the items can be incredibly elegant. Trust me: you should definitely check some out!

Storage, storage, storage:

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If there is something that I endlessly recommend (and always will) is to choose your storage wisely! It is more than important: it’s a need! But where to start and how to choose? Concealed storage is already a big trend at the beginning of 2022. Create your favorite hidden cabinets with amazing patterns and materials: they will give a minimal and classy look to your space. Besides, you can match the cabinet colors with that of your kitchen island and of course, add a beautiful stone on top.

And, speaking of islands, a remaining trend is to fit cabinetry underneath the kitchen island: useful and pleasant looking: you don’t know you want it until you have it! A real chef always knows the position of the cooking tools and keeps them close: so be the chef of your own kitchen!

Mirrored Backsplashes:

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Yes, your eyes are not betraying you! When it comes to backsplashes, you will find a world of possibilities on the market there: from amazing subway tiles to real stone, there is something for each taste, but this is the year of mirrored backsplashes.

Better yet: the year of creating contrast. What is more eye-catching than creating some beautiful color contrast in your space? Picture this: a mirrored grey backsplash, a white marble countertop and appliances that match this color scheme? A beauty for the eyes.

And speaking of backsplashes, tall ones are also part of our top ten: a beautiful stone backsplash will create a great pattern in your kitchen, making all the difference in the space.

Trendy Kitchen Cabinets Color Schemes:

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As always, we shall talk about one of the most important things to consider when remodeling/ building: the color scheme. Or in better terms, the color of cabinets, countertops, flooring and so on.
In 2022, white doesn’t appear to be on the top list of new buyers. Shocking! White kitchens have been a paradise for Interior designers and buyers since as long as I can remember: we all love calacatta counter tops, backsplashes and flooring! You just know you can’t go wrong with white kitchens.

But the preferred color of costumers seems to be one of the most amazing tones I can think of: black! And, even better… Matte black! A great choice for cabinetry, hardware and anything really! This type of color is easy to maintain clean and “new-looking”.

But remember, black and white go perfectly together, and if you are not ready to let go of the first yet, you can mix and match according to your creative spirit! Any thoughts on matte black cabinetry and white accessories? Another beautiful detail that will perfectly match your matte black cabinetry are golden appliances: golden works, and really does wonders, giving to your space necessary shine and an eye-catching vibe.

Trendy Kitchen Cabinets: Open Shelves

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A valid and exciting replacement for upper kitchen cabinets are most definitely open shelves! Look for some made in metal for a more industrial look or get them in wood if you’d like a classic / Scandinavian style for your kitchen. Both ways work perfectly. Rather than simple open shelves, the new trend is to incorporate in them the use of glass, which gives them a classy and sophisticated look. If you want your space to be luxurious and expensive, this is the right decision! Imagine a golden colored metal structure and glass shelves: did someone say fancy? I thought so!


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Yes, please! In 2021, me and my colleagues used A LOT of farmhouse sinks: everyone seemed to want it! With the new year, new sinks have arrived, together with immense freedom of choice among different styles and colors! As mentioned above, Matte Black sinks are going great, but other matte colors are also very intriguing. They not only work perfectly for modern kitchens but can also be the star of your classic kitchen, since 2022 also seems to be the year of a mix between one and the other!

Corten steel sinks are also a great call for modern and industrial spaces and aside, sliding covered kitchen sinks have been the top 1 choice for many buyers! Easy to understand why: they leave you more available space to prepare food and organize ingredients and cooking tools.

You will find so many options for your kitchen sink that the real struggle will be to only choose one! (even though a kitchen with double sinks looks awesome too!)


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Technology is literally everywhere. Its use in appliances and modern designs has been growing for years now, and I believe it gets more interesting by the day!

Dream coffee machines programmed to make your coffee first thing in the morning and wine station fridges: have you ever wondered how is it like to press one button and have everything done for you?

As we know, technology comes to help us, and we can also use it to save energy… and troubles! Imagine that you are going on a trip and in the rush of the moment you forget a light on: with the smart home automation light, you can use your smartphone to turn it off in a click! And don’t get me started on safety! I mean, why stop there? Dig in! Make your favorite things work with one simple touch.

Trendy Kitchen Cabinets: Raw look

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Cement tiles, stone, and other materials are definitely here to stay and to slay. You don’t need to have a full raw-style kitchen, or, in simpler words, one made of cement or stone (cold materials). Instead, you should definitely add them as the focal point of your space, contrasting them with a different style and avoiding for the space to become cold and inhospitable. Think about a cement counter top, a wall made of beautiful stones with a great light treatment on top to make it shine, or if you don’t love the idea, cement vases and other small objects and decorations to give it a unique raw look.

Hidden/Integrated Appliances

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Truth is that we have seen this everywhere during 2021 and it appears this year will follow the footsteps: no more apparent microwave or fridge, everything is integrated behind your beautiful cabinets.

But why would you make this choice? I think it all depends on the style you are going for: with an industrial look, apparent stainless steel is always welcome, but if you are going for a minimal, seamless look, integrated appliances are probably the right alternative: it will give your space a very clean, organized look. The choice of materials will be essential for this effect.

Lighting Designs

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Not as much as a trend, more like a must-have. Appropriate light is needed in every space of your house, but mostly in the kitchen. If you love to cook, you will need a white light in the kitchen, which will make cooking easier, help you and make sure you don’t have to force your eyes while performing activities. You can choose pendant lights (why not add beauty when you already have functionality?) or other sources such as a chandelier if you’d like.

Pendant lights also work perfectly with kitchen islands, which will help the cook, and will also be comfortable while eating or writing. But don’t forget that pendant lights come in different shapes, and you must choose the right one for the right task. A focal pendant for more delicate operations, and a more open one for daily tasks.

Trendy Kitchen Cabinets & More: Noted? Amazing!

Overall, all of those trends are incredible but don’t forget to ask yourself some questions before digging in and buying everything (difficult, I know!) What will I be using this material/ object for?
Do I need this/ Is this functional? If the answer to those questions is positive, go for it, what are you waiting for? Your dream kitchen awaits.

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