How much do home inspectors make? If you’re looking into becoming a home inspector, you might be wondering how much you can expect to make. First of all, most start out working on a freelance basis. That is, they aren’t on salary and instead get paid per job. This can be pretty risky, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience! But if you work hard and get good reviews (which can be tough to get), you can eventually work yourself up to a more stable position. In fact, many home inspectors who work freelance end up creating their own full-time businesses!

Home Inspector Salary – Overview 

How much do home inspectors make?
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If a home inspector is working for a large company, their salary will be much higher than a smaller company. That’s because larger companies have many homes to inspect, so they need more home inspectors. Many home inspectors have a background in contracting or construction, so this will be valuable when they’re inspecting homes.

The more experience you have as a home inspector, the higher your salary will be. This is true even if you have more experience with a smaller company. If you have a master’s degree, it will also increase your salary. If you want to inspect homes for a living, it’s important to have a job that suits your needs and gives you a comfortable salary.

Home inspections are a valuable part of having a safe, healthy, and structurally sound home. The average salary for a home inspector is about $58,811 per year. Factors like location, experience, and company will greatly vary how much a home inspector will make. The usual mechanisms of how much a home inspector earns include: how long they have been doing the job (experience), the type of inspection they are conducting, and the size of the home the inspector is inspecting.

Factors that affects Home Inspector salary


While the thought of working with the public may scare a lot of people, the majority of those who work as home inspectors are very passionate about their jobs. As a result, they end up accumulating years of experience, which directly affects their earnings. In fact, some inspectors charge as much as $85,000 per year! While this does not include travel and other expenses, it is a great way for home inspectors to earn a lot of money. If you’re passionate about making sure homes are safe, this may be the job for you.

Education Level 

Education is another factor that affects home inspector salaries. While most home inspectors have at least a high school diploma, some have gone on to get a degree in engineering or architecture, which can increase their earnings. In addition, many home inspectors have taken courses specifically on home inspection, which can also lead to higher salaries.


Location gives home inspectors the advantage of being able to charge more per inspection. However, there are also drawbacks to living in a big city. They have a higher cost of living, which can make it hard to pay the mortgage. People also tend to live in smaller spaces in bigger cities, leading to smaller houses that need to be inspected less frequently. Location can also determine how much work a home inspector has. Home inspectors will have an easier time finding work in an area with a lot of development than in one that is sparsely populated.


Home inspectors play a vital role in the home buying and selling process. They help to ensure that homes are safe and up to code, and that buyers are getting what they expect. How much do home inspectors make? Salaries for home inspectors can range from $33,000 to $85,000 per year, depending on experience, education, location, and the size of the company they work for.

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