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Following a wide search for a few days for best recliner chair suited to big and tall people, we settled on the Plush Brown Rocker Recliner by Flash Furniture. Its leather and polyurethane finish work just right for both plus-size people and tall people alike. This recliner, which weighs a little above forty pounds, features knob adjustment and leather upholstery. The former helps users to switch between the full reclining position and the regular mode while the latter is responsible for the plush comfortable feel of the integrated headrests and armrests. The inclusion of an Ottoman makes Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliners the best recliner chairs for big and tall men.

Best Recliner Chair #1 Lane Furniture Stallion Chaise Wallsaver Recliner


This product is a great option recliner for big and tall people. When the chair is fully reclined, it is as long as a king-sized mattress which will put an end to your feet hanging off the end of the footrest.

The Stallion Comfort does this by having a longer seat and a taller back. It also has a wide, oversized seat. The chair is designed to support up to 500 lbs. Users recommend buying the lever extender as well as the recliner handle can be difficult for some users to reach.


  • Size: This chair has happy clients of up to 6’8”. With a length of a king size mattress, it’s ideal to even sleep on. The seat is wide enough to accommodate almost any sized person.
  • Capacity: Even individuals of 350lb or more have enjoyed many happy hours relaxing in this heavy-duty model. It’s designed to handle up to 500lb.
  • Support: The chair offers support in various areas of the body, allowing for overall comfort.
  • Feel: Most users report the fabric and stuffing provide comfort as it’s soft, but with enough support.


  • Odor: The chair has a strong odor when receiving it from the manufacturer, which is difficult to get rid of.
  • Quality: The cushions tend to split open after minimal use, due to low quality and bad workmanship.
  • Noisy: The mechanics tend to make a noise.
  • Support for bad backs: This chair isn’t ideal for individuals with bad backs.
  • Limited movement: The chair reclines, but doesn’t become completely flat.
  • Handle difficulty: Some users find the handle quite difficult to use as it’s very short. It also tends to catch at first, though it seems to maneuver better after some time.
  • Not a wall hugger: It takes up more room and is quite huge, so a wall hugging element would have been beneficial in this design.
  • Setup: If you’re setting it up yourself, prepare for some effort attaching the back to the base.

Best Recliner Chair #2 Lane Comfort King Recliner Chair


This Lane Comfort King is one of the best heavy-duty recliners. This, like the previous Lane Furniture product, stretches to the length of a king-size mattress. That makes it an ideal big and tall recliner in our opinion.

This particular armchair includes a ‘Wall Saver’ design which means the chair can sit much closer to a wall. To enable this, the chair slides forward rather than backward when it reclines. This means you don’t waste space behind your recliner. The Lane Comfort King model can hold up to 500 lbs and is designed for users up to 6’ 8”.


  • Intelligent design: The brand’s Wall Saver mechanics can move the chair forward when you recline it. You save space by pushing it up against the wall, but still get the luxury of stretching out when you want.
  • Capacity: It can handle up to 500lb, making it a beast of a lazy boy recliner for big and tall people.
  • Height: Tall people find back and head support in the tall seat back. The seat is high and long enough so people with long legs don’t feel uncomfortable or have their legs hanging over the edge. The sitting height is 22”.
  • Aesthetics: The brand uses practical colors that should fit with many décor styles.
  • Spacious: With the seat width of 26” most big guys fit in easily and find it comfy.
  • Comfort: The fabric and stuffing create enough comfort that you may make this your bed from time to time.


  • Assembly: You don’t receive the chair already assembled, but have to do it yourself. Not everyone is up to such a DIY project.
  • Not a wall saver: Despite the Wall Saver mechanics, the design still doesn’t allow you to place the chair flush against a wall.
  • Difficult lever: Some users find the lever to be difficult to operate at first.
  • Limited features: Note that this is not a heavy duty rocking chair, but only a recliner.

Best Recliner Chair #Big & Tall 350 lb. Pewter Microfiber Recliner


This good big man recliner is an excellent option for larger body types and tall people. The microfiber fabric is easy to clean and take care of. There are also subtle patterns on the fabric which help hide stains.

Some users have found the handle to raise the footrest can be a bit stiff, although this issue seems to settle after a few weeks’ use. Even the arms are padded for extra comfort so you can rest assured that your comfort is a priority.


  • Aesthetics: The Pewter fabric easily fits in with modern or classic décor.
  • Weight: At 140lb it’s lighter than some other chairs mentioned in this review. This makes it more practical to move around.
  • Back support: The brand succeeded in creating perfect back support, making it a winner among these reviews.
  • Spacious seat: This chair accommodates both tall and large individuals.
  • Lever position and design: While many levers are awkwardly positioned and out of reach for some users, this chair has a circular lever below the armrest, making it easy to use.
  • Comfort: The chair provides a soft but firm feel, which is comfortable while providing support to all body parts. This is thanks to the heavy duty Dacron wrapped foam with a 1.8 resiliency rating.
  • Upholstered armrests: Even your arms were thought of during the design process, as the plush upholstery provides a soft surface for them.


  • Limited capacity: It only caters for fat men up to 350lb, which is much lower than many other big and tall recliner options in this review.
  • Durability: The cushioning wears out quickly, so you eventually won’t enjoy the original level of support.
  • Footrest mechanics: It takes some skill to close the footrest as it’s very stiff and you have to get used to the unique way it opens: First pull the lever before you push back the chair, otherwise nothing will happen.

Best Recliner Chair #4 Lane Furniture Stallion


This Lane Furniture brand model is excellent for tall men. The back is extra tall, and when fully reclined the chair is as long as a king bed. The frame is reinforced for heavier users to ensure comfort and support for a man reclining.

This one can support up to 500 lbs safely – a great feature in a big and tall recliner. The footrest is padded which helps ensure your rest. This is an excellent option for people who need to be slightly elevated to sleep as it is large enough for comfort and fully padded.


  • Seat dimensions: The seat provides ample space for large individuals with it being 25” wide and 21” deep. It makes for comfortable seating even if you have long legs, thanks to the 22” height.
  • Easy assembly: Assembly requires you to fit the chair’s back to the base. This is an easy process which most people handle easily.
  • Long lasting: The padding is long-lasting and won’t lose its form quickly. You can enjoy years of comfortable support with this chair.
  • High level of comfort: The quality cushioning, reinforced steel frame and dimensions provide comfort so some people even love sleeping on this.


  • Not a wall saver: This is quite a large heavy duty lift chair, but not a wall saver, so it wastes some space.
  • Bad reclining lever design: The lever is very short, making it difficult to reach and use. Some clients opt to make it longer with an attachment. The lever is also very stiff, making it hard to move the chaise into a reclining position.
  • Lots of squeaking: The moving parts tend to make excessive noise after some use. You can’t reach all of them to oil.
  • Not enough lumbar support: Despite the quality padding, there still isn’t enough lumbar support from this chaise.
  • Limited reclining: This chair does not recline to a completely horizontal position.

Best Recliner Chair #5 Flash Furniture Big and Tall Leather Recliner


This Flash Furniture leather product is a beautiful choice. It is covered in beautiful dark brown leather and plush cushions. Do note, while this is a good recliner chair, this one is not fully leather.

Some reviewers have also said the chair was poorly made and didn’t withstand ongoing use. Others have said it is uncomfortable with the poor placement of lumbar support. However, many other users are very happy with such a model and have found it very convenient for tall people. Many consumers commented on how soft the seat was.


  • Classic look: Who doesn’t want a stunning leather recliner in their homes? It fits with almost any décor as it resembles classic leather chairs.
  • Safety: The resiliency foam has a CA117 Fire Retardant rating, making it a safer piece of furniture than most items among these reviews.
  • Weight: Lighter than some other XL chairs, making for easy maneuvering.
  • Quality padding: The chair’s inner padding is made from resiliency foam. This provides support and comfort thanks to a 1.8 resilience rating.


  • Not entirely leather: Note that it’s not 100% leather.
  • Workmanship and quality: Both the fabric—faux leather—and the quality of work leave much to be desired.
  • Capacity: The less than 400lb capacity is much lower than other chairs mentioned on this list.
  • Bad footrest design: The footrest is extremely difficult to move.
  • The design isn’t practical: Because of large gaps between the seat and the sides, items may roll into them and fall straight through to the ground. This can be frustrating if your phone or small items fall out of your pocket while you’re sitting down.
  • Lack of support: Individuals with back problems may find it doesn’t offer enough lumbar support.

Best Recliner Chair #6 MEN-BRN-GG Plush Oversized Recliner


This is a good big and tall man recliner that has a tall back for added comfort. Some users have said it is a great quality chair that feels very solid.

However, in terms of size, others have found the chair is not very oversized, saying instead that while it’s larger than other models they have owned it’s not truly oversized. While this model is suitable for tall men, there are probably better options to choose from for larger people. This product comes with a three-year warranty.


  • Warranty: The three-year warranty is a sign it’s well made.
  • Design and aesthetics: You can match this to any type of décor since the leather fits with almost any style.
  • Rocking feature: This recliner is also a rocking chair. The two in one feature puts it one step ahead of some other models mentioned here.
  • Overall padding: Even the armrests are padded, so you can be assured of a soft seat.
  • Safety: The foam inside the chaise is fire retardant.
  • Easy maintenance: Cleaning is a huge challenge with most chairs, but this one simply requires a wipe down, as the leather surface is designed for easy cleaning. That’s why this chair rates high on reviews.
  • Weight: As one of the lightest chairs on this list, this is the ideal option for older people who don’t want to injure themselves moving furniture around.
  • Durable padding and fabric: Even over time the exterior fabric and padding keep their original look & feel.
  • Size: It’s both wide enough and very high, making it suitable for tall and large individuals.


  • Low-quality framework: The metal frame of the chaise is not as durable as the outside, so it’s rated lower than many other chairs in terms of durability. It tends to break when put under pressure. Low-quality parts are used, such as bolts that aren’t really long enough to keep wood pieces together.
  • Not real leather: The exterior is vinyl, so don’t expect real leather chairs for your lounge. This can feel very cheap when you’re expecting leather furniture.
  • Lever too stiff: It’s very difficult to move the lever to put the chair in a reclining position.

Best Recliner Chair #7 Brown Leather Rocker Recliner


This leather recliner is a high-quality model which also rocks. The seat portion is bonded leather and the remainder is vinyl. We really like this an a recliner option for big and tall people.

Some reviews by customers suggest the vinyl and bonded leather does not wear well, though they expected it due to the cost – this might be something to consider when buying such a model. The seat is 43 inches wide and 66 inches deep and has a manual lever for reclining the chair. Do note that this one will not rock while it is reclined.


  • Rocking feature: Enjoy rocking on this chair as much as you enjoy kicking back and reclining.
  • Weight: It’s another light model you’ll find on this list, so consider it if you know you need to move furniture around a lot.
  • Don’t rock while reclining: You probably don’t want the chair to rock while you’re lying down. With this model, the rocking is disabled when in reclining mode.
  • Size: It accommodates both large and heavy individuals. The height and the space available on the seat make it comfortable.
  • Comfortable padded design: The comfort is further enhanced by the soft padding all over the chair, even on the armrests.
  • Easy assembly: You have to assemble it yourself, but the process is quite easy as it slots and clicks into place so you know it’s ready for use.
  • Quality exterior: Though it’s not true leather you’re sitting on, it’s of good quality that won’t make you stick to your chair.
  • Provides back support: The padding and shape of the chair provide support for people of all heights & sizes.


  • Pressed leather deteriorates fast: The exterior of the chaise doesn’t present well over time as the pressed leather disintegrates and peels off.
  • Lever design: The reclining lever is very stiff, requiring you to sit up and use considerable force to move the footrest down. This spoils the relaxing feel of owning a recliner chair.
  • Headrest challenge if you’re tall: If you’re very tall, note that the back isn’t excessively high so you won’t have a headrest when sitting upright. In the reclining position, the chair is still comfortable though.

Best Recliner Chair #8 Ashley Furniture Signature Design


This Ashley Furniture oversized lazy boy is covered in plush microfiber fabric. Ashley Furniture is one of the best brands, so you know you’re getting something that’s of good quality whether shopping for a big and tall recliner or not.

The seat is large enough to seat one big person or two people snuggled up. When you’re looking to purchase a recliner, comfort will be a major factor. This product has an excellent rating from customers with many users saying it is very comfortable. It’s a great budget-friendly option in comparison to some of the other models on the market.


  • Width: The first thing you’ll notice is the extremely wide seat. This makes for amazing comfort for giant men. It’s not only spacious but oversized, so you can even share the space with a loved one. Let’s rather call it a loveseat.
  • Support: This huge recliner has bustle backs. This is the brand’s attempt at improving lumbar support, making it excellent for individuals with back problems.
  • Sturdiness: The brand reinforced the seat and footrest. This is necessary so the chair can handle the above average weight of a heavy and large guy. This is one of the sturdiest plus size chairs around.
  • Weight: Despite it being oversized, it’s not excessively heavy when compared with other models mentioned in these reviews.
  • Aesthetics: The leather look fits with any furniture you already have.
  • Mechanics work smoothly: Both reclining and putting the chaise upright is easy & happens in smooth motions.
  • Customizable: You can actually remove stuffing from the chair if you find it too bulky to be comfortable.


  • Limited weight: Despite it being so large, it only handles up to 300lb which is much less than other chairs featured here.
  • Assembly required: Assembling this large chair can be tricky. Though all hardware is included, you need tools such as a screwdriver. Important note: You need at least 32” to fit the chaise through a door, so assemble it where you plan on using it.
  • The material makes it hot: The fabric can cause you to sweat in warm conditions.
  • Stuffing loses form: The padding tends to lose the original shape over time.
  • Odor: These chairs tend to smell when you first get them, and airing them out takes time.

Best Recliner Chair #9 Serta Big & Tall Memory Foam


The Serta Big & Tall Memory foam chair is a cheap big and tall man recliner. It is bonded leather. The seat is 2 feet wide and 20 inches deep from the back to the front edge.

It has a massage feature with 8 settings. There is a cup holder and storage caddy under one of the armrests with a bonus USB plug which is great for charging your phone. Consumers were concerned about the build quality of the chair. It is not recommended for use by very large people.


  • Memory foam padding: For a combination of sturdy support and softness you need memory foam & that’s what the manufacturer put inside.
  • Massage feature: Yes, this chair will massage you thanks to a built-in motor that is customizable via a remote control.
  • Handy cup holder: The only chaise on this list that makes it easy to sit back and enjoy your drink without stretching to a table.
  • USB port: You can even charge your phone without getting up, thanks to the USB charging port.


  • Capacity is limited: Don’t purchase this chair for a person over 350lb, as it won’t hold up as some other chairs on this review can.
  • Wastes space: You need to place this chair a full 18” from the wall, so it takes up a lot of room.
  • The massager is too random: Instead of staying in the setting you pick, the massager uses different techniques one after the other.
  • Height: It’s a bit low to the ground for some tall people.

Best Recliner Chair #10 (Hazelnut) Catnapper Oversized


This one is not only designed for big people, but it has heat and massage functions built-in, controlled through remote control. This means it’s great for back pain. So even if you aren’t looking for a big and tall recliner option, this one may still be worth getting.

The Catnapper is designed to hold up to 350 lbs. The polyester fabric is easy to clean which means your recliner will stay looking great for a long time.

The Catnapper is a great, affordable option – one of the best prices we’ve seen for models with built-in heat and massage functions. You’ll never want to leave your chair again!


  • Length: At 76” it’s one of the longest chairs when extended, making it ideal for tall people.
  • Get a massage: Here’s another massage chair for those who love that perk. These power recliners even heat up, making it the ultimate in luxury living.
  • Height: It’s the perfect design for tall guys, as the back is high enough to afford support.
  • Cleans easily: The polyester exterior is easy to maintain, so the chair looks great for a long time.
  • Remote operated: A person can manage the massage feature via a remote.
  • Magazine pocket: Keep the room tidy with the handy magazine pocket for books or small items you want to keep near.


  • Too far from the wall: You must place it at least 16” from the wall, so it wastes a lot of space.
  • Limited capacity: The chair only works for individuals weighing less than 350lb.
  • Short lever: Many clients prefer extending the lever as it’s too short to reach and use comfortably.
  • Requires power source: It’s not battery operated but requires an electric source. You need to place it near a power outlet, which may limit how you arrange your room.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Big Recliner Chair

Your recliner chair will determine your comfort at home for the next few years. So let’s help you pick the best one from the lot. Apart from general guidelines for a recliner made for big and tall people, you must also gauge how these features impact you personally. This is especially true for tall and the largest of men:

  • The chair must provide support.
  • Your unique build must match with the chair’s comfort features.

So let’s start your shopping list.


Look for the dimensions of the chair and determine whether they will suit your body type:

  • The back must be tall enough so a person can rest his head on it.
  • The seat must be at a height that your feet rest comfortably on the floor.
  • The seat’s depth determines whether your thighs will stick over the edge.

A super-wide chair allows space for big people but can become uncomfortable if you prefer feeling snug between the armrests.

When you consider size, it’s vital to consider the chair from many perspectives:

  • Size when upright: Will all body parts get the necessary support?
  • Size when reclined: Will you be able to stretch out?

So your goal is not to only look for the biggest XL recliner. The height, width, and depth must suit your specific build.

Size also relates to the capacity of the chair. Chairs are made to support a certain weight. If you place too much weight on the chair the framework will eventually bend or break.

You’ll find there are all sizes, such as recliners for over 400 lbs, which are designed for the morbidly obese. The size and shape must also allow easy reach of the reclining lever.


Are you looking for the ultimate aesthetically pleasing feature to add to your lounge area, or are you all about being practical?

Picking the style of your chair firstly relates to the look:

  • Do you want a classic design that will fit with anything? Then a leather chaise or one in a neutral tone may be best.
  • Must it fit exactly with existing furniture? This will limit your options, as each design will only be available in limited fabrics. Decide how flexible you’ll be before you start shopping.

If you’re more driven by how the chair will serve you, you must make peace with it not fitting in with your décor completely. One popular style is a wall hugger. It saves you space, but not all brands have them.


Before you start shopping, think about where the chair will stand. This determines the fabric you’ll look for:

  • What hues will match your décor?
  • Do you prefer certain textures?

Important tip: A popular marketing gimmick is to state chairs are covered with leather, but they’re often mixtures of material. Do research before you commit to a purchase because faux leather won’t last as long as the real thing.

But the fabric you pick is not only about getting the stylish furniture you want. It’s about being practical too:

  • If it’s easy to clean and maintain it’s safe to place it where kids & pets are.
  • If you get hot easily, pick something that won’t make you sweat.
  • The plush fabric may be better than vinyl that can peel off over time.


A sturdy recliner is a much-loved seat in any home. Children and adults all love them, either because they’re so padded or they love the many features.

Will the steel frame recliners you have in mind endure frequent use? And remember, this applies to ALL the parts:

  • Ask about the framework, as it must be reinforced to handle regular use by large individuals.
  • The fabric must not show too much wear and tear over time because you don’t want an eyesore in your living room. (also see above)
  • Will the lever withstand excessive use?
  • Only when all these aspects prove to work well can you rate it as the most durable recliner.

Rockers & Swivels

What do you want to use the chair for? Rocking comfy chairs may sound interesting, but some people don’t like the movement. The same goes with swivel chairs.

Why opt for this if you know you’ll only use the chair to face one way? These features will boost the price as well, so make sure these are experiences you want to invest in when buying a big and tall recliner chair.


Don’t think the most expensive unit is the best. Perhaps you can align your preferences with your budget. List your priorities (from the items mentioned above) and aim to find as many of them in a chair that still fits your budget.

Best Recliner Chair: Different Types of Recliners

You’ll find different types of chairs relating to their functions. Don’t purchase too quickly. Perhaps there’s a feature you’ve never heard of, that can enhance your life.

Remember, they’re not found on all chairs, so if one of them is at the top of your priority list, your search will be more difficult:

  • Massage feature.
  • Heating feature.
  • Chairs with handy extras such as cup or magazine holders.
  • Technological additions to charge your phone via USB.

Do these prompt you to spend a little extra on your sofa? Remember, these extras will always influence the price. Sofas also differ in how far they recline.

If you’re looking for a second bed, you want your chair to go flat, right? This is a prime reason people are disappointed in their purchases because they expect a more horizontal position. Ask the manufacturer about the details before you buy.

Benefits & Advantages of Using the Large Man Recliners

What better way to relax than kicking back in a large stuffed chair, right? But a recliner is actually an investment in your health too. Here are some benefits you may not be aware of but that inspire brands to produce state-of-the-art sofas:

  • Recovery: Large recliners can be the perfect place to recover after medical procedures. If you find one that provides adequate support you’ll recover in comfort.
  • Get up easier: A chair is especially valuable if you have limited mobility or a backache. Instead of lying down on a bed, you can lie back on the chair with extended footrest and use it to boost you into a sitting position without straining yourself.
  • Countering symptoms and causes: Via massaging and providing optimum support and sitting positions the chairs help with:
    • Comfort during pregnancy.
    • Relieving stress.
    • Minimizing joint ache.
    • Improving blood circulation.

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