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A basic house is a simple and basic-looking construction. The marketing strategy here is to appeal to all types of customers. In other words, their designs are simple, but functional. Obviously there are some benefits to such living spaces and therefore some companies in the US focus on building basic constructions solely. But do YOU need such living space? That’s the question many people ask. Read on to find out.

What is a basic house?

When you consider the elements of a house, you will probably find one common pattern: it is simple, functional design. It is an example of an elemental style and is often referred to by a number of names. 

Whether you call it a Cape Cod, saltbox, double-pen log cabin, or plain house, you will find it represents some of America’s oldest and most popular house styles. So what is a basic house?

The basic construction has undergone a number of transformations throughout history. The oldest example of a such a house is the one that is not symmetrical. By the early eighteenth century, the house might have only two stories, with a door in the center. 

It may have been connected to its neighbors with shed buildings. In the United States, this house type is known as a Colonial. Its name is taken from the American word “basic,” which means “basic,” which referred to the style of house.

Types of basic house constructions

While there are several types of basic house constructions, many stand out for their unique exterior styling. Most homes use one or two building techniques, and employ different materials and processes. Timber frame construction, for example, relies on large timber beams and narrow timber beams in between. 

These homes often leave a part of the timber frame exposed. Modern housing constructions vary from the traditional styles, but many share some common characteristics.

Brick and block houses are the cheapest of the various types of basic constructions. Usually brick and block walls are used to construct the exterior walls, with internal partitions made of a block. Brick and block constructions are also the most common, although most builders prefer to use other materials. 

Brick and block constructions are particularly advantageous for self builders, as they can negotiate better rates with masonry tradespeople than with non-masonry tradespeople.

Basic house construction companies in the US

As housing prices rise across the US, basic home construction companies have to compete with a rising demand. They can only deliver so many houses in a given period, and demand is far outstripping supply. 

Due to the overheated housing market, builders are suppressing orders and shifting away from fixed prices. Large homebuilders such as Lennar Corp. and D.R. Horton Inc. are now testing blind auctions in Texas, Florida and southern California, and some smaller firms have stopped signing contracts altogether.

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