Kitchen is a place where you start your day and create a good vibe. Therefore, you need to ensure your ultimate comfort during cooking by choosing the right countertop. Check out these 9 best kitchen countertop ideas that you can install for any kitchen styles.

Best Kitchen Countertop Ideas #1. Wood Butcher Block Countertop

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Wood butcher block countertop is one of the most favorite countertops due to its professional look just like what you usually encounter in some cooking shows on TV. Butcher block provides a classic and elegant look to your kitchen. It is also timeless and suits any kitchen styles. Therefore, if you have not decided what to use for the countertop of your kitchen, butcher block will be your safe bet.


  • It does not need a special process for cleaning. You will just need to wipe it down with soap and water.
  • Woods always complement any kitchen styles.
  • Comparing to tiles or stainless steel, it is much quieter.


  • It does need more work at the beginning.
  • It might be costly.

2. Marble Countertop

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If you want to add the touch of elegance to your kitchen, marble countertop will be the best choice. Nothing can beat the beautiful vein that can be seen from the surface of it. The vein of the marble is also the special charm that can beat its counterparts. The sleek and soft surface makes it look extremely clean and lush.


  • Marble countertop is beautiful.
  • It does not conduct heat.
  • Some of the marble types like Carrara are inexpensive.


  • Marble countertop is prone to scratch.
  • It is also prone to stain.

3. Stainless Steel Countertop

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Stainless steel is well-known for its durability. Why don’t you use it for the countertop of your kitchen? Stainless steel always gives a futuristic look to your kitchen due to its silver and glossy finish. This kind of countertop usually suits modern kitchen style very well, just like the one that you can see in the picture. The stainless steel countertop makes the kitchen look like a professional one. The glossy surface reflects the recessed lights very well, making the kitchen look brighter.


  • It is durable.
  • It is water, heat, and stain resistant.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • It only suits modern kitchen.
  • It is prone to scratch.
  • It is usually noisy especially when you cut some vegetables on it.

Best Kitchen Countertop Ideas #4. Concrete Countertop

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White concrete countertop complements the dark brown cabinets and wood flooring perfectly, creating an elegant look to the kitchen. Even if your kitchen is not brown, this white countertop will fit any colors perfectly since white is one of the most versatile colors that can be paired with any other colors.

Hint: Since concrete countertop is usually susceptible to scratch and stain, sealing its surface is highly recommended.

5. Gray Kitchen Countertop

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Gray is considered to be a dull color sometimes. However, if you pair it with another color meticulously, you will get an incredible look, just like this gray countertop. Gray is also one of the most neutral colors that can complement any colors, and so can white. The white cabinets featuring clean-cut handle bars are topped with white marble countertop with a grayish vein in it.

Hint: Gray usually looks great with white, red, pink, and yellow.

6. Patterned Countertop

source: home stratosphere

Mid-century modern kitchens tend to combine functional and aesthetic furniture, just like this one. This kitchen looks elegant with its sleek and bold design. Adding more distinctive patterns to it will be a great idea. The patterned countertop adds a subtle nuance to the kitchen. It complements the beautiful pendant lights that illuminate the kitchen. The pendant lights and the countertop are an excellent duet in the kitchen.

Hint: Keeping things simple will be a great idea as the countertop has colorful patterns. Investing in curvy-edge furniture will just overlap the countertop.

Best Kitchen Countertop Ideas #7. Turquoise Glass Countertop

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If you are bored with marble or granite countertops as they have been reigning supreme for decades, try something new and unique such as glass countertops. Experience a more joyful cooking time with this turquoise glass countertop. The clear glass with uneven surface looks like flowing water that can soothe you well especially when you are rushed off your feet.


  • Glass countertops are heat resistant.
  • They are easy to clean.


  • Glass countertops are susceptible to crack, chip, or dent.
  • When a glass countertop is damaged, you will find it difficult to repair it and make it as good as new. You will have no choice but to replace it with a new one which requires more money.

8. Classic Ceramic Tile Countertop

source: the spruce

Tiles are also one of the most versatile materials. And the good news is it is timeless. You can use them for flooring, backsplash, or even kitchen countertop. An abundance of patterns and styles are available for you to choose from, just like this countertop. The gray limestones look great with brown wooden cabinets. To kick the countertop up a notch, some smaller tiles are installed. They add a subtle nuance to the gray countertop as well as complementing the cabinets.


  • The small tiles add some patterns to the dull gray tiles.
  • Tiles are heat resistant.
  • Tiles are also easy to clean.


  • Installing the small tiles can be arduous.

9. Elegant Glass Countertop

source: pinterest

Futuristic style permeates throughout the kitchen when you look at the furniture and the interior. Stainless steel cabinets with clean-cut handle bars enhance the modern look of this kitchen. Topped with glass countertop that features blue vein, the stainless steel kitchen island makes a perfect focal point as well as complementing the windows. The glass countertops reflect the LED light very well, making the kitchen look brighter. The combination of beautiful countertops and bright kitchen will enable you to get rid of the tense.


  • It looks beautiful and elegant.
  • It is heat resistant.


  • It can burn a hole in your pocket.

Now you know that creating delectable foods is not only about concocting premium ingredients, but also providing the ultimate comfort to your kitchen. You can simply apply one of those kitchen countertop ideas or modify them a bit to create a top-notch countertop that you have been looking for.

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